For Landowners

Landowner information: protect your rockweed!

Call the Maine Rockweed Coalition for advice and guidance: 207-956-0815


1. Read:  Maine DMR protocol for responding to rockweed theft complaints by landowners.



2. Read your deed. If you don’t understand the language about the seaward boundary, or have questions about shore ownership, ask the Maine Rockweed Coalition for help.


3. Notify rockweed companies that you do not give permission to harvest rockweed on your land.

Notice to rockweed harvesters

Addresses to which you should send your notice



4. Notify the Maine Rockweed Coalition that you have sent the form.


Are you a landowner who is often absent from your property?

Email the Maine Rockweed Coalition  for some good creative solutions to this challenge. 

sign no rockweed harvesting