Our friends at the Blue Hill Peninsula Rockweed Forum

(Maine) are scheduling their 2024 events!  link

MAY 2024: Life and Strife in the Intertidal: Toward the Conservation of  Rockweed

                  Sponsor – Brooklin Garden Club, Public Event

                  When – Tuesday, May 14, 2024, at 1:00 PM

                  Where – Bagaduce Music (49 South St., Blue Hill)

JULY 2024: Field Trip to Explore Intertidal Seaweeds with David Porter

                   Sponsor – Blue Hill Peninsula Rockweed Forum

                   When – Friday, July 26, 2024, at 8:30 am.

                   Where – Reversing Falls in Blue Hill.

AUGUST 2024: Rockweed Field Workshop and Optional Kayaking with Allison Snow

                    Sponsor – Blue Hill Peninsula Rockweed Forum

                    When – Saturday, August 17, 2024 (rain date is August 18), at 2:30-3:30 pm

                     Where – Brooksville Town Landing picnic area,  Town Landing Rd, Brooksville, ME

Past Events 2022 and earlier


Join the Center for Ecological Teaching and Learning and Maine Rockweed Coalition at the CETL campus on Cobscook Bay, Maine for a rockweed workshop this summer.

DETAILS: The Center for Ecological Teaching and Learning (CETL), partnering with the Maine Rockweed Coalition (MRC), has been awarded a grant from the Eastern Maine Conservation Initiative (EMCI) to offer two free all-day workshops on rockweed (seaweed) conservation to landowners, land trusts and community members on rockweed conservation.

The first Rockweed Workshop took place on July 9, with a morning hybrid session (zoom and in-person) of lectures and lab work led by Dr. Robin Hadlock Seeley, Coleen O’Connell (VP of CETL), and guest speakers. In the afternoon, workshop participants were led through a field session on the shore. We compared rockweed (harvested without permission in 2021) on a CETL ledge with an unharvested ledge.

The second Rockweed Workshop, a repeat of the July workshop, will be held August 8. The August 8 workshop will be in person only. No Zoom option. Click the black button above to register, or just send us an email.

Details of the workshops:

Morning session lectures on the following topics: “Ecological value of the rockweed forest: shelter, food, carbon storage, temperature buffering”, “Rockweed morphology, growth, and recovery from disturbance”, “Legal and regulatory framework for commercial rockweed harvest in Maine”. Ms. O’Connell will speak on the impacts of community engagement on conservation practices and offer her experience of illegal harvest on CETL shores as the impetus to gather the community for education and discussion. DMR Marine Patrol staff will return for the Aug. 8 workshop to discuss enforcement of illegal rockweed harvesting.  Afternoon session: collecting data in rockweed beds on the harvested ledge at CETL; lab time.