Maine Rockweed Coalition

Promoting conservation of intertidal marine habitat.

Mission: The 501c3 Maine Rockweed Coalition promotes conservation of intertidal marine habitat, including rockweed.

  • We are biologists, teachers, Maine residents, small business owners, fishermen, and others. We became a 501c3 non-profit in 2021.

  • We believe in the value of protecting coastal habitat for fisheries and wildlife, particularly in light of the impacts of climate change on marine species; and for climate mitigation. 

Dr. Ken Ross (1937 – March 6, 2024). Founding board member. Plaintiff in the landmark Ross v Acadian Seaplants case, which resulted in landowners having the legal right to deny rockweed harvesters access to the rockweed on their intertidal property.

NEW 2024 summer GIS internship!

Internship offered in partnership with the Maine Geospatial Institute.

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NEW 2024 publication! (OPEN ACCESS)

New paper in press (Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology) by MRC senior scientist and three others: reanalysis and rebuttal of the 2023 paper that concluded rockweed grows back rapidly after harvest.

NEW Guest column, Feb 2024!

Protecting rockweed and working waterfront

Quoddy Tides Guest Column 23 Feb 2024